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Anandamaya Retreats

Lying on the hilltop of a picturesque, tiny village over the northern shore of Evia island,

Anandamaya is a holistic wellness retreat, fully immersed in slow & conscious living.

Breathtaking views of the Aegean infinite blue, deep pine forests and olive groves compose the ideal scenery to unwind & reconnect.

Watch the sun rising from our Shala during your morning practice and get your energy flowing

for the extraordinary day unfolding in front of you.

Deep forests, sparkling streams, hidden waterfalls, thermal springs, peaceful wetlands, ancient trees,

medieval monasteries & abandoned villages, compose a constant interchange of landscapes

giving this mysterious, somehow spiritual feeling of awe and admiration.

Often there is a feeling of a place left in time in such a fascinating way, in a part of the world

that, literally, enjoys every season.

Mediterranean flavors blended smoothly with local recipes, naturally cultivated products and ample love,

polish an unblemished experience to often be recalled and its effects induce inspiration.


"Living better, rather than faster."

This thought was my inspiration for leaving behind my stressful city life 8 years ago and returning to my beloved island of my origins and where I grew up.
I was so dedicated to my decision, despite the difficulties of the first years, that I managed to find pure joy in simple things while I was gaining back my connection with nature and myself. Taking the necessary time to interact with the environment and attribute the appropriate value to each moment of the day. I was so impressed by the effect that all this new adventure had on me, that it quickly became an intention to share with the world such a beautiful way of living…

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