Cosmic Truth Kundalini Yoga Retreat

& Reiki Certification

     OLIVIA FERN    |    3 - 9 MAY 2020


This is more than a Reiki Training... This retreat is a sanctuary for your soul.

Here, you are invited to commune with your heart and listen to its whispers, its words, its ways. You will open to all of its feelings and hear what it has to say. You will receive guidance from spirit, learn to listen to your inner healer, and discover intuitive energy practices to guide your life. You will receive nourishing support in community, and connect with the heart of the sacred land that is Greece. Here, you'll receive hands-on loving attention, feel heard, seen and understood, and learn powerful techniques to become your own healer and give energy healing and distance healing to others.


Join Fern Olivia, Reiki Master and Certified Intuitive Healer on this magical retreat surrounded by nature, and combine 2 hours of Reiki training a day, daily yoga and meditation, lovingly prepared plant-based meals with local traditional Greek ingredients, hikes and thermal hot springs. This is your opportunity to become a Reiki Practitioner of the First and Second Degree and learn how to use this unique hands-on healing method on your family, friends and yourself.


Meet thyroid expert and master teacher, Fern Olivia Langham, founder of Thyroid Yoga®. Trained in Biomedical Engineering, now an international teacher and speaker on the power of integrative medicine, yoga and intuitive self-healing.


"Thanks to the wisdom given to me by my teachers and the powerful lineages of yoga and integrative medicine, I am no longer at the mercy of the diagnosis of a Hashimoto's Hypothyroid condition, and I am finally glowing, feeling empowered, and living a life I absolutely adore, in Nosara, Costa Rica.



Twin Room - Shared

Private Room


Deluxe Suite - Shared


Private Deluxe Suite



Traditional Greek recipes with a gourmet twist! Fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables that the rich land of Evia produces in abondance. Infusions from local herbs, refreshing home made lemonades and smoothies, Greek yogurt mixed with local chestnuts, pistacchios, figs and honey. Colorful salads with superfoods, healthy snacks and different dishes every day to fulfill your expectation of a complete experience of greek tastes.













     Herbal Tea, Coffee & Snacks

     Kundalini, Meditation & Chanting

     Early morning Vinyasa Flow


     Free Time - Hike


     Free Time - Thermal Springs

     Reiki/Angelic Breathwork/

     Energy Healing Workshop



     Fullmoon Fire Ceremony

Check In:       Sunday,   3 May  -  12:00

Check Out:     Saturday, 9 May  -  12:00