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Chakra Journey

     PINELOPI ZIRI    |    17 -22 JUNE


There are 7 main Chakras that are distributed along the spinal cord where most of our vital energy flows. The balanced function of the Chakras is directly related to human health and psychology as the Chakras are connected to specific areas of the human body (vital organs, glands, nerve tissue) and at the same time have a great impact on our emotional and spiritual being.

The environment we live in and our lifestyle often disorient and discharge these centres, resulting in lack of vitality and low energy levels. Cleansing, activating and rebalancing the Chakras is the key for grounding, creativity, sensuality, empowerment, love and self-expression.

During this retreat we will explore the energy of each Chakra through guided meditation, visualisation, pranayama (breathing techniques) and vinyasa flow practice. This journey’s last stop is to awaken every Chakra individually and facilitate the interconnection between them in order to achieve a better function and balance at all levels of our existence.



My name is Pinelopi Ziri. My love and curiosity for human movement and anatomy was initially expressed when I decided to become a physiotherapist. My journey in the wonderful world of affection and love towards the human body started in 2009, when I graduated from the Technical Institute of Physiotherapy of Thessaloniki, Greece. After working as an associate in a Physiotherapy Centre until 2015, I gained thorough experience in dealing with patients with chronic musculoskeletal pain, spinal cord problems and injuries, soft tissue injuries and pelvic floor rehabilitation.

My thirst for constant personal and educational development was the reason I explored several techniques and methods of rehab. This knowledge led me into approaching the human body and mind in a holistic way. That’s when Yoga came into my life!

My first contact with Yoga was In 2015 when I completed a teacher's training at Grafts, Hellas. The experience was life changing and my desire to deepen my knowledge led me into continuing my studies and in 2016 I became a certified Yoga Teacher after completing the 200h course from YogaWorks.  Yoga transformed my therapeutic skills, providing the quality needed in order to connect all the different pieces that synthesize each person’s uniqueness. In 2019, YogaWorks welcomed me in the teachers' team as an Injury Management Specialist.

After years of practicing this interdisciplinary approach, I started developing my own therapeutic programs for the prevention and treatment of chronic musculoskeletal pain that combine traditional physiotherapy methods and Yoga.



Twin Room - Shared

Private Room


Deluxe Suite - Shared


Private Deluxe Suite



Traditional Greek recipes with a gourmet twist! Fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables that the rich land of Evia produces in abondance. Infusions from local herbs, refreshing home made lemonades and smoothies, Greek yogurt mixed with local chestnuts, pistacchios, figs and honey. Colorful salads with superfoods, healthy snacks and different dishes every day to fulfill your expectation of a complete experience of greek tastes.



- Awakening & activation for each Chakra

- Spectacular waterfall hike 

- Visit at the natural thermal springs on the beach

- Sunset SUP Yoga

- Beach meditation

- SPA treatments & therapies (extra cost)

- Fish (optional) dinner at the local tavern

- 21 June - Yoga day fire ceremony


- 6 days / 5 nights luxury accommodation

- 12 Hatha & Vinyasa Flow practices & meditations

- Chakras theory by Pinelopi Ziri

- Greek inspired, vegetarian diet with vegan and gluten-free options

- Herbal teas, coffee, juices & healthy snacks









     Detoxing drink, Herbal Tea, Coffee & Snacks

     Chakra Activation Flow


     Beach / Hike / Thermal Springs / Free time

     Chakra Awakening / Meditation / SUP Yoga



Check In:


Check Out:

Wednesday,   17 June  -  14:00


Saturday, 22 June        -  12:00

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