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The art of Slow Living

Immerse in a blissful & carefree lifestyle.
Enjoy the present, eat consciously, control your breath, move with grace.
Anandamaya provides the perfect environment to find balance & bliss.

Anandamaya lies on the top of an amphitheatric, tiny village over the Northern shore of Evia Island. A holistic wellness resort of a spectacular sea and mountain view surrounded by pines, olive trees and azure waters composing the ideal scenery for your greek yoga retreat. Watch the sun rising from our Shala during your morning practice and get your energy flowing. Forests, sea breeze and wonderful landscapes will inspire you to go deeper to your meditation and nurture your mind, while local food and nearby hot springs will keep your body fully pleased. Complete your experience with a variety of activities that the island can offer, like hikings, Stand Up Paddling, Horseback Riding, Kitesurfing and more

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