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Yin Yang

PINELOPE ZIRI    |    15 - 17  OCT


Yin and Yang are the Taoist concepts which describe the two relative qualities present in everything around us.

This retreat is designed to equilibrate the physical, emotional and spiritual body by balancing the Yin & Yang energies of our existence. 

Yin is more cooling and downward. While Yang is more external, dynamic and warming. Knowing all aspects of ourselves, we can perceive and feel the wholeness. This retreat will help us to bring awareness to the present moment and become more aware with the energies that flow inside our bodies, while moving, walking, eating, breathing and practicing yoga. (or to your daily life)

When these terms are applied to yoga, Yin yoga is a slower practice where poses are passively held for longer, working on the deep fascia  (Yin), connective tissues and joints in the body.

Yang yoga is the more traditional hatha vinyasa practice that develops muscular strength, stamina, and flexibility.

You will have 2 daily yoga classes working both at a yin & yang pace. 

Improves flexibility and joint mobility

Calms and balances the mind and the body

Reduces stress and anxiety

Works deeply on the connective tissues

Can prepare the practitioner for meditation practice.

Strengthens and tones the body

improves flexibility and circulation

Calms the mind by inviting us to synchronize movement with breath

Removes tension and obstacles in the body to allow breath and prana flow.




In 2016, yoga came to Konstantinos' life as a cure for his injured knees. It was only 6 months later that Konstantinos quitted his job in Athens and took the decision to go back at his village of origin and live where he always felt home... Evia island! There, he owned an extraordinary house, his parental one, which was the perfect place to establish his vision. Create Anandamaya: a Yoga Retreat Center that will accommodate yoga travelers and bring together people from all over the world. His studies of Interior & Product Design and the years spent in Florence, definitely helped him in creating a magnificent space that will captivate your senses. Once you open the garden door, he will welcome you with his big smile and make you feel home in a blink of an eye! He will be your guide during hikes, show you beautiful beaches and forests and make you live the local life at its best.  At his free time you will find him in the garden taking care of his beloved plants or at the local kite spot flying around.



Penelope landed to Anandamaya last April after her intense drive to move closer to nature. At that point, she met Konstantinos and both realized that they share the same philosophy, dreams and vision. The decision was easy: she moved in to Anandamaya as permanent yoga instructor and therapist. Her love and curiosity for human movement and anatomy was initially expressed when she decided to become a physiotherapist. After working as an associate in a Physiotherapy Centre until 2015, she gained thorough experience in dealing with patients with chronic musculoskeletal pain, spinal cord problems and injuries, soft tissue injuries and pelvic floor rehabilitation. Her thirst for constant personal and educational development led her into approaching the human body and mind in a holistic way. That’s when Yoga came into her life!

Since then, she completed several teacher's trainings and workshops, while she is in YogaWorks' teachers team as an Injury Management Specialist. After years of practicing she started developing her own therapeutic programs for prevention and treatment of chronic musculoskeletal pain combining traditional physiotherapy methods and yoga. You will find her mostly at Anandamaya's magnificent yoga Shala, practicing, meditating and guiding your everyday yoga practice. Self - observation. Self - correction. Self - healing. Those three disciplines are applied to her approach to guests and practitioners during our retreats. Her therapeutic treatments are part of her holistic system called PhysioYoga Therapy which you will have the chance to experience.



|   Garden View

|   Shared

|   Garden View

|   Shared

|   Forest View

|   Shared

|   Sea View

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Nutrition is an essential part of optimal health, not only physically, but mentally too. Food can impact our memory, concentration, mood and a lot more. 

Yang foods are dense, heavy and hot with high sodium content. Yin foods are contracting, light and cold, and rich in potassium.

During this retreat we will find balance between these two elements so we can adopt new diet habits and  live a less toxic and stressed life.

The diet is based on whole grains, lots of vegetables, legumes, and soups.

At Anandamaya we know how important it is to always choose seasonal foods, as they not only taste better but also have a higher content of beneficial nutrients. The food you eat can either support your health or diminish it. 

This wellness retreat could be a cornerstone to your life, and is an opportunity to discover a new healthy lifestyle.

Your battery will be charged up with the goodness of whole nourishing foods, which is also very efficient to your nervous system. You will feel revived physically, mentally and emotionally. The raw material derives from our very own vegetable garden or from local farmers and producers.

Menu curator: Tatiana Moldovanidi - Dietologist & Nutritionist - Charokopio University of Athens.

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  • Secluded beach 200m from the house

  • Waterfall or forest hike

  • Daily walking meditation

  • Trataka - candle meditation

  • Neti - nasal cleansing

  • Balanced Yin-Yang menu with delicious brunch and home made snacks and drinks

  • Relax in the natural thermal springs on the beach


  • 2 nights luxury accommodation

  • 4 yoga practices & meditations

  • Full-board nutrition with local, bio products

  • Hike

  • Visit at the natural thermal springs of Edipsos




     Coffee, tea & snacks
     Morning Yoga
     Beach / Hike / Free time
     Afternoon Yoga / Thermal Springs


  • Light clothing and a sweater or jacket for early mornings and evenings

  • ​While from October to April bring some extra clothing layer

  • Hiking boots

  • Plug adapters if needed

Check In:

Thursday, 15 October

Check Out:

Sunday, 17 October

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